Twenty Four

Two years. 
Twenty four months. 
One hundred and four weeks.
Seven hundred thirty one days. 

We’ve been a family for two short years, my boys, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. Before you came into my life I had a vague understanding of “motherly love”, but I never expected it to be so fierce and all-consuming.
Loving you is unbearably easy. But nurturing you is a no joking matter. It’s crazily hard. It’s crazily beautiful. It’s simply crazy. Every day. Every second of the day. But I feel so incredibly lucky and honored to get to live through this craziness with you. I would not have it any other way.
You’ve been together for every single day of your journey on this planet. You’ve been together even before you were born. And you have a long way of this “togetherness” ahead of you. It might not have been your choice, but I wish so very much for you to make the best out of your conjoint voyage. 
Your second birthday will be over in half-an-hour. You are deep asleep in your cozy little beds. It was an eventful day full of phone calls, Skype calls, grandparents, presents, cupcakes and cute little outfits, but your father and I are still awake. We are chilling in the living room, decompressing after a long day,  talking and recalling the whirlpool of events that had a beginning on December Sixth of Year Two Thousand Eleven.
You filled our lives with purpose and immense happiness. And today I may only wish for one thing — I wish for us to be the parents who are worthy of this happiness. 
Grow. Blossom. Mature. Transform. Learn. Absorb. Render. Savor. Strive. Wonder. Create. Reach out. Reach in. But above all that, find and be aware of your true self.
Happy Birthday Mika & Alex!

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