I am gone. I’m outta here. Don’t call me. Don’t look for me till Monday… as I’ll busy. I going on a very important mission. A mission to find my sanity. I’m pretty sure I lost it at the place of my destination. Yes! The memory is coming back to me. I now clearly remember losing my sanity somewhere on a sandy coast of Gulf of Mexico. Exactly three years ago. Right before I got pregnant. I hope it still there… waiting for me unclaimed on a dusty shelf of Lost & Found. I’m coming, my dear sanity! Not much longer. Hang in there just a few more hours!
Yes, it happened! I’m going on vacation!
It’s weird and exciting at the same time. It’s weird going away from my babies for the first time in almost twenty-six months. I never even spent a single night away from them! It’s also weird because forgot what vacation suppose to feel like. I forgot how it’s done.
It was kind of a last minute decision. It was decided on Monday. Everything was booked on Wednesday. And here I am, typing this post from the airport. I’m sitting by the gate number B6 ready to get on the plain that will take me from cold and gloomy Boston, wrapped in its already dirty snowy blanket, to warm and always smiling Mexico with its sandy beaches and perfect weather. And girl! My girls will be waiting there for me! 
That’s right! I’m going on my first EVER girls-only vacation!
This post and this occasion clearly call for some music.

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