Foodie Love…

I cook a lot these days. It doesn’t happen every day, but when I do get to it, I usually cook a couple (sometimes even three) dishes at the same time. I like giving a chance to some new and unusual things. I like to experiment. And as much as I like to create something completely new, I enjoy following recipes that other crazy foodies like myself have created. 
Sometimes I fail. Sometimes a recipe disappoints. But it never upsets me. It is all part of the process… Part of learning process that eventually gets me to those other times when I get blown away by people’s ideas and creativity. In those times I discover new dimensions of flavors that I had no idea even existed. Somehow, I never get tired of this process. On the contrary, this is how I get inspired. Damn! Maybe this is my passion? 
Just a small remark: Val, the answer to your recurring question that you would wanna ask me yet again is NO! No, I don’t wanna open a restaurant and slave in the kitchen, while killing slowly my newly discovered passion.   

Anyway. A friend told me yesterday that my blog helped her to fall in love with quinoa. It felt good to hear that. It was one of the most rewarding things I have heard since I started blogging. And it got me thinking that there are so many other things that I’ve already tried and even fell in love with, and I should definitely be sharing them with the world. Maybe this too will help someone someday. 
So, here are some wonderful dishes that are worth becoming someone’s favorites too:
  1. I made this Bacon, Swiss & Mushroom Quiche for breakfast a few weeks ago and it was a bomb! It might not be the healthiest breakfast choice, but every person needs this kinda breakfast once in a while (especially, this time of year). Oh… and I used a frozen pie crust from Whole Foods – those are simply the best! 
  2. This Fancy Pot Roast I made more than a few times and it never disappoints. Perfect winter food!
  3. And these Sichuan Wontons! Oh, mighty wontons! I’m drooling just from remembering their taste! Here they are, beauties:
  4. Wontons

  5. And for dessert try this Gluten Free Strawberry Nectarine Crisp. I made it a few times and tried it with different fruit combinations too. Extremely easy to make!
I’m thinking to make these sort of posts a regular thing. So, stay tuned. More foodie love is coming to a kitchen near you!
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